Do You Want to feel good in your body?
do you want to end yo-yo dieting?
do you want to love what you eat?
do you need support?

We all need a little hand-holding when it comes to losing weight, eating healthy and feeling great. There is simply too much confusing and conflicting information to know exactly how to go about getting the body you’ve always wanted and living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed.

DianaStobo makes it easy and approachable.

Diana Stobo makes looking and feeling great at any age accessible and fun.


Diana Stobo’s Naked Zone membership gives you access to an exclusive MEMBERS-ONLY web page where like-minded people help each other create a life of health, vibrance and beauty.

You get exclusive access to e-books, videos and incredibly delicious recipes available nowhere else.

The online community is effective and valued as a proven source of support. You will never meet a more committed or loving group of people.

The Naked Zone is a
place you can trust.



And the best part is that you get to speak directly with Diana Stobo every month on the:



Do You Want to LOSE 10 Pounds in 10 Days?
Or Simply Get the Everyday Support and Friendship We So Desire When Taking
Care of Ourselves?

It is said:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb

Here in the Naked Zone, we value our togetherness. Members have lost weight (some more than 80 pounds!), cured their depression, stopped medications, healed disease and never felt like they were alone.

If you want to

  • CLEAR Your Body of Toxic Waste
  • NOURISH Your Life
  • KICK START a New You
  • LEARN to Love Yourself
  • FEEL Great Again

In an environment that is

  • Loving
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Supportive
  • Understanding
  • Deeper Than Just Diet



Why The Naked Zone?

    The Naked Zone provides:

  • Weight-Loss Guidance
  • Easy and Delicious Recipes
  • Exclusive eBooks
  • Recipe-Demonstration Videos
  • Personal Questionnaires


  • Natural Beauty Treatments
  • Interviews With Experts
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Exercise Tips
  • Membership in Private Facebook group

But most importantly …

A chance to talk to me personally “one-on-one” every month on Private Access Coaching Calls

I have coached thousands of people to:

  • Better Health
  • Leaner Bodies
  • Happier Lives
  • Clearer Minds



I receive $250 an hour for my:

  • Expertise
  • Intuition
  • Understanding
  • Coaching
  • Commitment to My Clients’ Success

They love the results

and many return again and again
for follow-up sessions.

But many people are not comfortable with that kind of financial commitment, so for pennies on the dollar, I have made my “One-on-One” Coaching Calls available to ALL members of the Naked Zone.



So What Are You Waiting For?

If you know that the Naked Lifestyle is for you, then choose from these 2 membership options, get some free bonuses and a discount on an annual membership.We will have a wonderful ONGOING relationship.


Naked Zone Membership Features Monthly Membership $19.95/Month Annual Membership $199.50/Year
10-Day Weight-Loss Guide eBook check-list check-list
Conference Call With Diana for Personal Coaching (Once a Month!) check-list check-list
Diet and Cleansing eBooks (New Free Book Each Month!) check-list check-list
Exclusive Instructional Videos check-list check-list
Private Facebook Community for Constant Support check-list check-list
Free Bonus: Naked Bliss eBook ($19.95 value) check-list check-list
Uninterrupted Membership check-list
All 12 Coaching Calls check-list
All 12 eBooks check-list
Save $40/Year check-list




And, because you are so committed to yourself,
I will give you a FREE Download of my best-selling book Naked Bliss — Naughty & Nutritious Dairy-Free Milkshakes That Make You Feel So Good. Get it FREE when you sign up NOW! ($19.95 Value)


Naked & Happy Success Stories


“This is me just 7 days after
starting the Naked Challenge. I’m deeply indebted to Diana and what the challenge has brought into my life and how I changed everything about my diet — starting now at 45 years of age. … I did the Challenge to get ready for my wedding and ended up changing my diet completely and staying with it.”

~ Kevin

You have helped me so much, more than I can describe. My friends could tell after 2 weeks that my skin was looking better and I was losing weight.

But the best part was that I had a bad cough for 5 weeks and when I found your books and started 2 days later, my cough was gone.

My blood pressure went down from 125/82 to 109/70. My doctor was amazed!”

~ Lena


“I feel boundless energy and enthusiasm with every breath I take. It has everything to do with this diet that I’m on.

I feel great. Since going raw, I have more energy, sleep better, and have lost 8% of my body weight – all in less than 5 weeks. Through it all, Diana has been an amazing source of inspiration, information, and ongoing motivation.

I cannot thank Diana enough or speak highly enough of her as the benefits I’ve experienced in such a short time are incredible. Thanks, Diana.”

~ Dave L.

“Before I was touched by the hands of Diana Stobo, I was overweight, struggling with depression, and always trying to find a diet to feel energetic and healthy. I had no idea that bagels and granola were lifeless and made me feel tired and heavy.

Since I have gone “raw” I have gone down 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes. I have more energy, look years younger, feel more energetic and my body I don’t despise anymore. Diana Stobo makes boring veggies taste like I am eating yummy real food. I don’t feel deprived. She has changed my life!

My bacon loving husband and
children are even converts to the raw shakes. I thank Diana from the bottom of my heart for giving me the gift of a healthy happy raw life.”

~ Christina


My 100% Guarantee





I’ve invested over $100,000 of my own money into the creation of the Naked Challenge and the Naked Zone based on more than 10 years of study and experience (working with clients, experimentation, successful food testing, video production and education) in order to deliver a high-quality product that not only works, it exceeds expectations time and time again.

Cancel your Naked Zone membership within the first 30 days and get your money back, but keep my downloadable Bonus Naked Bliss eBook!

But I know you’re going to love it!

Membership terms: Monthly memberships are charged automatically in advance every 30 days. Annual memberships are charged in advance every year. A new membership may be canceled within the first 30 days for a full refund. After the first 30 days, membership may be canceled any time with no refund. After cancellation, access to the Naked Zone and the private Facebook group cancel at the end of that 30-day billing period.