Love Actually

This Valentine’s Day I want to share my journey of love and relationships.

I just watched an old movie called Love Actually with Hugh Grant.

I love him, he is just the most pleasant self-deprecating adorable man.

Note to self – Future husband 🙂 tee hee

And I found myself getting very emotionally caught up in the love stories. They were tender and real, and serendipitous.

It reminded me of how I met my man – like I didn’t have a choice, it was all aligned perfectly for me.

The Law of Attraction is so real, it’s scary.
You know the saying, be careful what you wish for.

I tell this story often, and I want to share with you, how magical the Universe is and how we literally can manifest what we want in moments by just asking for it.

When I was married with children, I remember this feeling of being trapped- like I couldn’t expand, and I was bursting at the seams.

I needed and wanted to spread my wings but in the confounds of my situation, I was unable too.

I asked the Universe for FREEDOM.

Which to my dismay turned into divorce and a whole new life

If you think this story is about happily ever after- it is- but you have to wait until the end.

When I was going through my divorce and in severe emotional turmoil- feeling empty and lost.

I asked the Universe for “MEANING”

And I met a man who thought I was the goose that laid the golden egg.

He treated me like the sun rose and set on me and for me and that I was the smartest woman in the world.

During that uplifting time, I created The Retreat Costa Rica and The Truth Bar

I realized at this time of my internal healing, that I had neglected to spend sufficient time with my youngest son and wanted his last year in High School to be the best.

I asked the Universe for “GROUNDING”.

And an old crush from my high school years appeared and provided a friendship for me and my son.

Football on Sundays, Little League games, hikes, and cozy dinners.

And then I was an empty nester.

I was torn between Costa Rica and the US and going back and forth was wearing on me physically and mentally.
I knew I needed to spend more time in Costa Rica to spread my magic all over my Retreat venture.

I asked the Universe for “PARTNERSHIP and DOMESTIC BLISS”

And, instead, I received LOVE- Actually.

So, the truth is we don’t know how our story is going to end- we just keep asking for what we want and it appears.

Is this Happily Ever After?

Or is it Happy until our growth leads us elsewhere?

Life is complicated and real and its just better if we all surrender to it because the more we try and control our “Happily Ever After” the crazier it becomes.

In Health and Love,




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