Heal Painful Heartburn, Naturally…

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz –Oh what a relief it is…..

Remember the commercial?- that cute jingle?- the look on the people’s face after they took an anti-acid of Alka Seltzer?

Pure relief!!!

Most of my 20’s 30’s I had heartburn or gas pains after everything I ate.

I remember sitting with my family at the dinner table, and having to lay down on the bench next to them, so the pain would subside.

I called it “air in my tummy”.

My little darlings knew to leave me alone, “mommy has air in her tummy”.

My husband new to leave me alone too… Let me tell you, that didn’t go over well.

But the pain was tremendous, and I suffered.

Looking back, knowing what I know now, the suffering was unnecessary

I learned that air, gas, bloating was a form of Acid, inflammation in the tissue.

Heartburn is the basically the same acid, but it works its way up the esophagus, that has no protective lining- and it BURNS.

Of course, our bodies weight squeezes the acid and causes acid reflux.

(ABC News reports that 60 million people go to doctors monthly for heartburn and acid reflux) YIKES!

Acid hurts!

Even those of us who watch what we eat can occasionally experience that uncomfortable bloating or burning sensation.

To reverse this sensation, we typically take antacid tablets like Tums.

A pastel rainbow of alkalinity to soothe the burning sensation.

If you don’t know about ACID-ALKALINE Balance, Let me put it to you simply:

Our body chemistry thrives at a Ph level of about 7.0.

When it dips below, we are acidic, too high, we are alkaline- keeping balance is key to our bodies thriving.

When lower than a 7.0 for too long, our body begins to build disease and discomfort.

A healthy body strives for a healthy balance

I have tried ways to soothe heartburn, there are many natural remedies, from coconut oil and lavender to drinking baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and all the alkalizing remedies.

But nothing works better for Heartburn, bloating of gas then my Digestive Bitters.

Sometimes I forget to take my Bitters before I eat, and sometimes I even forget to take my Bitters during my meal.

The first signs of discomfort from eating, I take 2 bitters, and “plop plop fizz fizz- oh what a relief it is”

My Digestive Bitters are:

Organic, radiation Free, natural herbal formula that soothes heartburn, gas and bloating, promotes metabolism, digestion, bile flow and elimination.

Why wouldn’t you take them?

Btw, eating the Naked Lifestyle is a simple and easy way to make all your acid problems go away.

I want to remind you of this, because it is easy for us to get off balance, and gentle reminders can trigger a “can do” response.

All I want for you is to feel your absolute best.

In health and Love,




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