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It’s all about Love.

And, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

I am often asked how I develop new ideas, why I help people get better health, and what drives me to keep doing new things.

It’s simple.

It’s Love.

Or at least, it is my expression of Love. I think we all have a different meaning to this word-LOVE. Some think love is dedication or responsibility, others feel Love is taking care of others, or hopefully even themselves. Love is adoration or desire, love is even compassion. Love expresses itself in unique and magical ways, and for me, it’s in Creativity.

Ever since I was a little girl, I made wonderful and yummy things, from Mud Pies as a toddler, to fresh fruit tartlets that I baked and sold in high school. I then began my work as a chocolatier and made chocolate truffle sculptures, and then as a professional baker, creating artistic and amazing cakes that had hand painted murals dusted with sugar crystals. I even started a giant cookie business at one point, with flavors so daring and expansive, I couldn’t keep up with my orders.

You see, I love the creation- not the business.

Sounds familiar I bet. So many people have talents and just want to play. That was me.

When I became too sick to eat ‘regular’ foods, like the rest of the world, did, you know the so-called SAD (Standard American Diet) diet. All my creative energy went towards healing myself. And I did. It was unbelievable how I trained my mind to think differently.

I began looking at yummy things as healthy yummy things. I learned I grew, and I could see the food functionality in everyone’s bodies.

Kind of like a doctor, but without the medical part. I studied anatomy, the blood systems, endocrine, digestion, hormone, and how nutrition affected each part of us. I was always a bit of a scientist, so, putting my head down into the human form and how to make it work better, was just another form of art for me.

So, here I was, a food lover, and a health lover. How do I make this work? Because no matter how many pills you ask me to take, or how many yucky foods you force me to eat to get healthy- I won’t continue to care for myself if I don’t enjoy life. For people to truly get better and feel fantastic, the foods we eat must taste good.

Well, that’s my specialty, making healthy taste good. I write recipes that mimic comfort foods, the stuff that makes you feel loved. The foods that get into your belly and say “yes!!!” that feels good.

The Truth Bar is a pinnacle moment in my life, a culmination of all that I do and love. It is a creation that has the lifeline of longevity. When I made the bar, I remember saying to my partners, no matter how many bars are out in the marketplace, the one that will get eaten the most, is the one that tastes like a candy bar. I also wanted to make a bar imbued with functional ingredients that promote health, something I have become so passionate about. So, that’s what I made- the healthiest candy bar on the planet.

It’s my way of sharing my love through what I do best. When we say that Truth Bars are ‘Made With Love’, this is my pure expression of it.

8 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

Detoxing your body doesn’t have to be difficult. Make these 8 simple changes and start noticing the difference right away!

1. Replace one meal a day with a detoxifying smoothie/juice

This is an easy, non extreme way to detox your body. I suggest switching our breakfast for a morning smoothie. It helps to kickstart your metabolism and digestive system.

Try this recipe


2 large bananas
2 cups spinach
½ an apple chopped
1 tbsp Flaxseed
½ cup fresh almond milk (For Instructions Click HERE)
1 cup sliced strawberries


Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy.

2.  Drink more water

The importance of drinking water can never be overstated.  This is by far the easiest and most effective way to clean your body. Water naturally flushes toxins, helping your organs to function properly and giving you clearer skin.  Eight glasses of water a day should be a minimum amount, try to keep the intake up!

3. Replace coffee with green tea.

Green tea still contains caffeine and will give you the boost you need in the morning. Green tea offers so many antioxidants and health benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. It also helps us lose weight in the long-term.

4. Sweat it out.

Do something everyday that makes you sweat. Sweating allows your body to release toxins. Up your exercise routine and make yourself move everyday. Or sit in a steam room/sauna. Maybe take a hot, epsom salt bath. Just make sure you are sweating!

5. Get more sleep.

While we are sleeping our bodies are repairing themselves from the days activities. Our brains and processing all that we saw, learned, experienced. Our bodies are recovering from any harmful toxins it came in contact with. We need sleep to be healthy.

6. Cut out simple carbohydrates.

This is easy. There are so many alternatives to white bread, rice, pasta etc. Try quinoa or brown rice, ezekiel bread, sprouted bread. All of these alternatives will help your digestion, help your blood sugar, help you in so many ways.

We all love the starchy comfort of white bread and pasta, but its time to make the change!

7. Listen to your body.

It is amazing how far listening to your body can take you. When you eat something, see how your body reacts. Your body will react. It can either be positive or negative. If you eat fruits and veggies and feel energized then eat more. If you eat bread and pasta and feel tired, bloated, sluggish then cut it out of your diet. Your body is unique and only you can tell what it really needs.

8. Eat more fiber in its natural form

Fiber not only leaves you feeling more full and satisfied but it helps your digestion system release any built up toxins. Our digestive tract is responsible for moving everything that comes in to our body out of our body. This process is difficult and a lot of times our digestive tract gets stuck with left over food etc that it never really cleans out. Getting enough fiber and “going to the bathroom” everyday is very important for your health.

If you have a lot of issues with this, try a digestive supplement like Digestive Bitters. They are full of nutrients that will naturally help you release any toxins stored in your body.



Peanut Butter & Jam Grain-Free Thumb Print Cookies

I upgraded this classic recipe and even went a step beyond gluten-free, there is no absolutely no grains. And who doesn’t love peanut butter and jam?

These are a pretty addition to any Holiday dessert spread made with ingredients everyone has in their pantry.


1 cup Peanut Butter

3/4 cup coconut sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon baking soda

pinch of sea salt

½ cup of your favorite jam


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.


Blend ingredients until well incorporated. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Scoop dough into 1 inch scoops, place 2-3 inches apart. Make a little divot in each cookie with your thumb. Gently scoop a little jam in each cookie.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 Minutes.

Place on mesh rack to cool, about 5 minutes.

Cozy Vegan Chili



I love making a huge pot of this and snacking on it all day long. It makes the whole house smell amazing. And it really is a simple meal to prep. Feel free to double the recipe and freeze portions for quick and healthy meal prep.

1 cup cooked brown rice

4 garlic cloves (finely chopped)

4 tablespoons chili powder

2 tablespoons ground cumin

2 (28 oz can) crushed tomatoes

1 (15 oz can) red kidney beans, rinsed and drained

1 (15 oz can) white beans, rinsed and drained

1 (15 oz can) black beans, rinsed and drained

2 sweet onions chopped

1/2 cup canned diced chilies

4 tablespoons tomato paste

Mix everything (except the brown rice) in a slow cooker or slow cooker pan. Cover and cook on high until the flavors are blended. Lower heat to low, cover  and cook for up to 2 hours.

Add the rice in for the last hour of cooking!

3 Tips to Avoid Overeating this Holiday Season

It’s Holiday Season. That means cookies, pies, holiday parties and decadence.

And to be honest, it’s my favorite time of year. I love making cozy foods, snuggling up and staying inside.

It’s a time of year we tend to be more sedentary. That’s why when January rolls around, we have packed on the pound.
Well, not this season! Not if you follow these 3 tips….

Tip #1: Drink water

Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are simply dehydrated. It’s true, the tummy rumbling and the hunger pangs can simply be crying out for water. So, instead of reaching for a big plate of food, drink a big glass of water first and see if that doesn’t curb the appetite.
It’s actually been shown in studies that those who drink water before eating, eat less and lose weight. Other studies have proven that drinking water on an empty stomach increases metabolism.
Drinkinhg water is a two time winner for curbing over indulgence.

Tip #2: Take your time

Okay, so you have a plate of food- it smells great, it looks delicious, it’s tasting better than you thought. Be Mindful- take your time to eat.
Do this by taking smaller bites, eating slower, chewing thoroughly, and savouring every mouthful. Notice and appreciate the smell, taste and texture. Breathe.
It actually takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the message that it is full- so if you take more than 20 minutes to eat a small portion, you will find that a little goes a long way.

Remember, take your time, pay attention to your food and enjoy every bite. If you are feeling like getting extra credit in performing these tips- try this:
Eat at a table (not in front of a screen), off of a small plate, and put your fork down between bites.
Woot woot- you are in for an ENJOYABLE meal.

Tip #3: Eat your Greens first
Always, always, always- eat the light healthy and nutrient rich foods first.
You may be yearning for that rich, creamy main dish, and you can certainly indulge, just don’t eat it first.
Fill up on rich fiberous water filled veggies full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and health-promoting phytochemicals.
And these secret weapons are great to have on your side when you’re about to indulge in a large meal.

Have your glass of water, eat mindfully, and start with your salad to help avoid overeating at meals. This will help you avoid that bloated “why am I like this?” feeling and keep you on track for your health goals. Trust me, I know how one long weekend party and push you farther from feeling like yourself.

in Health and Love,


P.s. and if you really want to curb those cravings, you can take a cocktail of my Probiotics and Digestive Bitters.

Processed foods and low-fiber diets allow the pathogenic bacteria to overwhelm the good guys and diminish colon function. It’s important to add these probiotics even if you drop the standard American diet.

In conjunction with my Digestive Bitters which encourage complete digestion. Stress and poor diet lead to a reduction in bile production. Our bodies should be producing a liter of bile daily, but the sad truth is that the majority of us barely create the required amount.

Does guilty eating make you fat?

“The guilt experienced when eating forbidden food creates more toxins in the system than the actual food.”

This statement was open for discussion on a food-psychology forum. Check out what the experts had to say.

Many people said that if you choose to eat something, then relax and enjoy it. One person said, “Our emotions are a major factor in gaining weight and our inability to permanently lose weight. Because it’s not just what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you!”

Another added, “I have to say that two of the most unhealthy people I know are orthorexics. They are brittle and inflexible in their beliefs about food. And it’s obvious to look at them that they are not happy nor healthy!”

A few people said that pleasure is the thing that actually makes us healthy! Being happy = being healthy.

“I don’t believe in guilting oneself about eating. The foods that we thought were bad for us have turned out to be good and visa versa. Guilt makes you feel badly about yourself, and creates stress. And stress makes you sick and can actually be the sole reason for weight issues in the first place. All things in balance.”
~Linda Ludwig

When you eat a "forbidden" treat, does feeling guilty help you or hurt you?
When you eat a “forbidden” treat, does feeling guilty help you or hurt you?

“I was just discussing this with a client the other day who is a bit obsessed about his diet. My suggestion to him about enjoying a cookie or brownie treat his daughter made is to bless the food and ask his body to receive it and nourish him. And then to savor the food and let it go, confident in his resolve to get back on track and not over indulge!”
~Anne Baker CN, LE

Alternately, others felt that guilt is a necessity and has no affect on the outcome.

“We should feel guilty when we lie to someone. We should feel guilty when we steal something. We should feel guilty when we are unfaithful to our spouse. And we should feel guilty when we put harmful junk non-foods in our bodies. The answer is not in snuffing out the guilt, but in correcting the bad behavior. Forbidding the consumption of soda, donuts, unclean meats, etc. in your diet is a good thing, warranting a sense of guilt when they are consumed.

“I am defining ‘forbidden’ from a Godly, Biblical perspective, not a man’s wisdom perspective. The God of all creation, the Creator of our very bodies, tells us to eat no abominable (unhealthy) thing (Deut 14:2-3). Disobedience to God’s directives, in any area of life, will always be a cause for guilt and shame. All the pop-psychology in the world will never change that.”
~Michael Scott Lowery
Prophetic Ministry

“Stress is no enemy. When one stays in touch with one’s body and brings one’s soul deeper in, the body may become more sensitive to what it’s being fed … Perhaps that stress ‘toxin’ is designed to help us choose better next time. Maybe that voice of guilt is a reminder that the body needs better support than what the brain is ‘saying’ … Maybe we interpret that voice incorrectly … Like getting scolded by mom for our own good. Maybe the firm boundaries we have with our sugar-hungry junk-food junkies born from processed food and overindulgence should be reined in with guilt if the inner addict is still too emotionally immature to maintain responsibility for healthy choices. ”
~Catherine Hinners
IT Professional & Dynamic Eating Coach & Energetic Wellness Practitioner

If you choose to enjoy a "forbidden food," love it and forget the guilt. Be happy!
If you choose to enjoy a “forbidden food,” love it and forget the guilt. Give yourself a break!

And here’s what I had to say:

“I was so happy to see this discussion. The most successful clients I work with are the ones who are willing to let go of the guilt around food. In fact, they are so pleased when I inform them that they can eat anything they want at anytime as long as the body receives it well and it makes them feel good. They then begin to pay attention to the feel-good effect of food on their body and recognize on their own what foods weigh them down and what foods lift them up.

“What happens from flowing with the food (forbidden or not) is a much more positive and synergistic approach to lifestyle development and mental/emotional behavior. Feeling badly about our food choices indeed has a ‘gripping’ effect on digestion, making the food settle into the body and cause unnecessary grief and discomfort. 
The cause and affect approach when working with clients has been my most successful teaching tool: “How did that make you feel?” Rarely do individuals stop and ask themselves that question when consuming a ‘forbidden’ food. They simply fall into a self-punishment routine, which perpetuates more of the same.”
~Diana Stobo

In my opinion guilt is a wasted emotion. It is felt in order to make you feel badly about your mistakes instead of honoring them and allowing them to be the stepping stones toward education and intelligence. Guilt along with fear creates “stuckness” in our bodies that inhibits flow, retards metabolism, and ultimately festers into discomfort  and disease.

This is not to say that boundaries and guidelines should not be followed to increase good health and body awareness.  However, along our path, we must allow some time for error.   We are all HUMAN after all.

In health & love,


Raw Dairy Free Pumpkin Cheesecake

One bite of this special dessert and you’ll say, “No way is this dairy free! No way is this free of processed sugar and gluten and wheat! And it’s good for me?” Yes, it is! It’s full of “good” fats that can actually lower your cholesterol and help your body burn fat. Plus you’re getting all the nutrients of raw pumpkin, raw nuts, and carrot juice. It’s a super-delicious super-dessert!


3 cups raw pecans
3 dates
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
Process all ingredients until they start to stick together. Pour ingredients into a 10-inch non-stick springform pan. Spread evenly and press down slightly with hand until gently packed.
Pumpkin filling
3 cups raw cashews, soaked for 1–2 hours, drained, and rinsed
2 cups pumpkin, cubed
1½ cups carrot juice
½ cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 cup agave nectar
1 cup coconut oil, melted in hot bath
1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1½ teaspoon nutmeg
¾ teaspoon sea salt
Blend all ingredients in high-speed blender until smooth and creamy. Pour mixture into pan on top of crust. Using spatula gently spread toward edges of pan until even. Place in freezer while making next layer or for 1–2 hours.
Coconut topping
1 cup raw cashews, soaked
1½ cups coconut milk (1 young coconut)
¼ cup agave nectar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1½ tablespoons lecithin
¼ cup coconut oil, melted
Pinch sea salt
Directions Blend all ingredients in high-speed blender until light and fluffy. Carefully spread on top of cheesecake filling. This should be at the very top of the pan. Place in refrigerator for 4–6 hours until completely set. Use thin knife to scrape around edges of pan before removing cake from pan. Cut into slices and enjoy!

Everything You Need To Know About Probiotics


Did you know that the majority of bacteria in your body is in your gut?


Don’t worry, most of this bacteria is harmless.

But if you have the right kind of bacteria in your gut, you can be rewarded with numerous health benefits including

  • weight loss
  • improved digestion
  • enhanced immune function
  • clearer and healthier skin
  • and an overall healthier body


Taking care of the bacteria in your gut is probably the single most important thing you can do for your health.

Our health is so hugely affected when our gut’s are not happy, sometimes we don’t realize that this is the ROOT of the problem.


Probiotics are very helpful in keeping our guts healthy and happy.

Probiotics are a live microorganism bacteria that when ingested benefit the host to which it was applied.


You can get probiotics from foods such as

  • yogurt
  • kefir
  • sauerkraut
  • tempeh
  • kimichi

There are many different kinds of probiotics that, when consumed in adequate amounts, can cause numerous health benefits.

You can get probiotics from both supplements and from certain foods like those mentioned above.

Why do we need microorganisms in our gut?

The community of healthy bacteria in our gut is called Gut Flora.

Most of this bacteria is found near the large intestine, the one responsible for digestion.

The gut flora is responsible for:

  • manufacturing vitamins including K and B
  • turning fibers into short-chain fatty acids which feed the gut wall and provide metabolic functions
  • improve the immune system
  • regulate health of the gut
  • prevent toxic substances from leaking into the body


When you do not have a proper balance of healthy bacteria in your gut you are prone to many diseases including

  • obesity
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Depression
  • Colorectal Cancer

But by taking probiotics via food or supplements you are able to balance the bacteria in your gut and remain healthy.

Not only do they help you id yourself of disease but they also help to improve digestion and prevent constipation, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcers, cancer etc.


This, in turn, helps with weight loss.

When your body is riding itself of the toxins you inevitably will lose weight.

Not only does an unhealthy gut cause you to retain weight an prevent your body from functioning properly.

But a healthy gut helps to eliminate the build up of waste in our gut that we inevitably get from consuming so much food over the years.


Try adding probiotics to your diet and notice the difference!

Especially my Probiotic/Prebiotic Formula With SBO (Soil Based Organisms) Our guts contain thousands of different kinds of bacteria and most standard Probiotic formulas only contain 1-10 strains.

My Probiotic and Prebiotic formula are superior because they also contain 5 or 10 of the most scientifically documented strains of friendly bacteria, but because they contain thousands of strains which were more powerful at repopulating the intestines after the use of antibiotics than the scientifically chosen few, and because the humate itself protects the few strains that are added to the probiotic formula.










Mexican Chocolate Tart

This beautiful and creamy tart melts in your mouth. It has a chocolate crust and a creamy filling made with the unique pili nut, which is a rainforest nut from the Philippines. They have the highest vitamin E and magnesium content of any nut and add a creamy, buttery texture to recipes.

Mexican torte

Chocolate “Graham Cracker” Crust
1¼ cups raw walnuts
1 cup coconut cane sugar
¾ cup raw cacao nibs
1 cup raisins or cranberries
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
Place all walnuts, sugar, and cacao in a food processor fitted with an s-blade and process until it is finely ground. Add raisins (or cranberries) and process until the crumbs begin to stick together. Do not over-process. Transfer crust mixture into a 9-inch round or rectangular tart pan. Spread evenly and press down with hands to compact and bring the crust up the sides. Set aside.
Creamy Filling
2 cups whole pili nuts; shelled, brown skins left on
½ cup coconut oil
½ cup maple syrup
1½ teaspoons cinnamon
Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend on high until creamy and smooth. You may need to use a plunger or scraper to get the best consistency. Spread filling evenly over crust and let sit to set. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to a month.

Vegan Spiced Cupcakes With Orange Cream Frosting

How do you make cupcakes without flour, eggs, and milk? Easy! This is a fun recipe with a delicious sweet orange frosting. Makes 12 cupcakes.
Spice Cake
½ cup raw almonds
½ cup shredded dried coconut
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground ginger
½ teaspoon ground cloves
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
¼ teaspoon sea salt
1 cup raw walnuts
1 cup raw pecans
½ cup medjool dates, pitted & packed
1 teaspoon orange zest (1 orange)
½ cup raisins
Place almonds, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and salt in processor fitted with S-blade and process until finely ground. Add walnuts and pecans. Process until finely ground. Add dates, zest and raisins until mixture begins to stick together. Do not over-process.
Line a cupcake tin with paper baking cups. Fill each cup 3/4 full with mixture. Press down gently to compact each cupcake. Set aside.
Orange Cream Frosting
1½ cups coconut milk
1 cup raw cashews, soak 2 hours, rinse & drain
¼ cup raw agave nectar
1 teaspoon orange zest (1 orange)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon lecithin powder, non-GMO
1/3 cup raw virgin coconut oil, melted
Put coconut milk in blender, add soaked cashews, agave nectar, zest and vanilla and blend until creamy. Add lecithin and oil until incorporated, using a spatula to scrape down sides. Place in airtight container, chill for at least two hours until set.
Use a pastry bag to pipe or spatula to spread frosting over cupcakes. Garnish with orange zest. Can be stored in refrigerator for up to 5 days, or frozen for up to 1 month. Thaw as needed.

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