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Energy burst

More energy today?

I actually got hungry today.  I wasn’t truly hungry last couple days, I mean I wanted to eat, but my stomach didn’t growl that “mrowr” sound when it is empty and wants a little morsel.  But today, I heard it, that means that my digestion is starting to work again.  Whatever I ate over the holidays has taken this long to move through my system.  Our digestive tract gets tired when we eat too much, just like our feet do when we stand too long.  Like sore muscles, the digestive tract takes a few days to recover from a good workout. 

So, how can we give our tummy a little spa day?

 Day 3 

  Avoid Dairy, Wheat and Sugar

Each one of these items cause your digestive system to go into dysfunctional state, so for the next 10 days, you may want to avoid them

Think substitutions:

rice or almond milk for milk or cream

Spelt, or sprouted grain options for wheat

low glycemic sweetener for sugar, such as Agave Nectar

 Eat little and often

Eating a big meal overloads the digestive tract and slows it down. By eating often, your metabolism will begin to function quicker.

When you are hungry eat again,but wait until you are actually hungry, you don’t want to add food to your burdened belly.   Think about putting one item in your body at a time-for example- Berries or a salad  or a piece of sprouted grain bread with almond butter.  Just don’t eat them all at once.

 Take Digestive enzymes

Buy a vegetable based digestive enzyme and take two everytime you eat.

Enzymes help the nutrients go to the proper organ- they are like air traffic controllers sending signals for where to go. 

For more about enzymes :

I hope you are following along, because this is a fun ride to health,vibrance and beauty!



Bounce for Joy

Wow, with just one day I’m feeling better, my eyes are less puffy and  my stomach doesn’t hurt as much.  But, still, I feel like my skin is bruised, it’s very sensitive and soft.  I recognize this feeling, it’s the lymphatic system storing the toxins, which causes puffiness.  The lymphatic system is all over our bodies, it acts as a protective layer to keep the toxins from entering your organs.  Cool huh?

 Well with that in mind, lets think about how we can help drain the system as we prepare for the 5-day cleanse.

 Day 2

         Take Salt Bath

Salt baths help to relieve the lymphatic system by pulling toxins out from the skin

Use, sea salt, Epsom salt, or a bath salt that you like, and soak for at least 20 minutes.


Take a walk, and put a little bounce in your step.  Bouncing helps to move the lymphatic system

If you like to run, do a light run, with just as much bounce

Jumping on trampoline is a great way to move the lymphatic system

Sit on a yoga ball, with your feet in front of you and bounce.  This is my favorite, I even flap my arms to get the full effect.

 Avoid meat

I probably should say all meat, but I think wild fish could work if you are used to your animal protein

All meat digests extremely slowly and can tax the digestive system. If you want to read a sweet article about humans, meat and digestion:

If you are already a vegetarian: think about avoiding dairy, because the meat eaters will be doing that tomorrow.- tee hee! 

I hope your having fun, I’m looking forward to tomorrow!


Holiday Hangover

Ugh! I’m feeling a little hung-over from the holidays! I may have eaten a few too many treats this week.


Maybe if I had been born on an organic farm, raised on fresh produce and sprouts I wouldn’t crave traditional holiday fare.  But, I do, because I was born in a small track home with an American mother and a Persian father; raised on home-cooked American casseroles, and exotic Persian stews.  During the holidays my mom would bake like Betty Crocker, adorning our countertops with a huge assortment of pies, cakes and cookies.  Rich and yummy food was always abundant and plentiful, and I loved to eat.


I still love to eat. I just love to eat yummy things that make me feel good.  But, I am certainly no saint, and sometimes I just can’t resist a bite here or there.  I think I may have dabbled a bit too much this week.  And, boy I can feel the effects.


 So, come Jan 4th I’m doing a 5-day cleanse.  I thought you might like to join me.  It’s a lot more fun to do it with friends. If you’ve never done a cleanse before, don’t you worry a bit, I’ll walk you through one step at a time.  Lets start preparing today!



Mentally prepare yourself!

Give yourself a “heads up” on what’s to come.

Mark Jan.4th in your calendar as an appointment that you must keep.

 Donate your leftovers!

They are way too tempting to have around, either donate your leftovers or give them away. Just don’t eat them yourself   

Have something fresh for dinner.  A salad, or some pureed vegetable soup, or both.

  Drink more water!

Drink water all day- Drink twice as much as you think you need.  Water can help flush the body of toxins and aid in digestion

Have some hot herb tea, or hot water with lemon.  Sip on it all day and night to help you get more alkalizing fluids in your body.

Tomorrow we will take the next steps in preparation for a cleanse.


Caramel Apple Tart

This elegant dessert is more than just good looks and taste. Lucuma is a highly nutritious, exotic Peruvian fruit known as the “Gold of the Incas”.

  • 1 green apple, cored
  • 1 tablespoon lucuma powder
  • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
  • 3-5 raw pecan halves, grated

Thinly slice or dice the apple. In a medium bowl, mix together lucuma powder and maple syrup until a creamy caramel sauce is made. Add the sliced apple to the caramel sauce and toss to coat. Spoon apple mixture into a small dessert dish, or tart mold, and press down gently. Grate pecans with a cheese grater directly over the apples for a crusted topping. If using a tart mold to make free standing tarts, gently remove before serving.

Serves 1


Planning for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and for a lot of people it is a time of joy, and others great strife-the planning, the shopping, the traveling, the preparing, and the food.  I have very warm-fuzzy feelings about the holidays, but my diet choices always seem to cause a great deal of activity and conversation that leaves my family and friends a little squirmy.

Thanksgiving is one of those nostalgic meals of mine, that I have never really been able to fully duplicate in the raw.  I guess it’s because when I make a tasty raw version of stuffing, potatoes and cranberries, it doesn’t leave me in a painful food coma-which is how I remember every thanksgiving dinner ending up-me, holding my belly on the couch watching “Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang”.  So, each year, as I try and do something a little different, a little closer to that home- made taste, more conversation arises around my diet choices.  I don’t really mind all the hoopla and attention toward eating raw, it is in fact the very way to get the word out.  I suppose it’s the defensiveness of others that I am compassionate about, and in turn, I find myself being defensive back.  As I prepare different choices for the holiday feast, most people at the dinner table will try the dishes, compliment them, and then dig into the heap of turkey on their plate.  Some people will actually prefer the raw version of the traditional meal, and others won’t even bother trying my food, as they have already picked their spot on the couch for the after dinner movie.

This year, I’m coming in with a new attitude. I love my lifestyle, but I am going to show up with an open mind and remember that I don’t always eat raw. Preparing a raw meal and a scene is not necessary, I will be asking for a sweet potato without butter as my main course. I will be adding to the menu a Kale and Pear salad with fresh cranberry vinaigrette, and for dessert, a persimmon flan. I make enough for the table, and integrate them into the meal without introducing them as a raw food.  These recipes are so delicious, I guarantee that nobody will realize what’s going on, and my diet will not be the focal point of the evening. This year the focus will be on love, family and thankfulness, not on what I do and don’t eat.

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