EMF toxicity is real and we are literally microwaving our cells!

Heat Generated on the face by for 15 minutes of cell phone use due to Electromagnetic Radiation.

Heat Generated on the face by for 15 minutes of cell phone use due to Electromagnetic Radiation.

OK, this is a serious post. I don’t want to scare you, but…..  you are my people. And you are following me because you trust me with your health.  Here’s the scoop... Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF radiation) is real.  And we are all suffering of it. We just don’t realize it, because it is becoming part of us.

The rise of inflammation aka "inflammation-aging" is said to be the underlying cause of over 80 chronic illnesses, and we are still pointing fingers at the cause of our overwhelmed immunes system on poor diet, air pollution, obesity, physical inactivity, genetics, and sterile homes.

But the missing link that researchers have ignored is literally right under our feet. We are NOT grounded! Grounding is a simple connection to the earth, that literally grounds and protects our anatomy.  Hugging a tree isn’t just for hippies anymore.

We spend our days and nights bathing in EMF toxicity,  fluorescent lights, Wi-fi, televisions, hairdryers, telephones and computers.  Sadly, we are literally swimming in a pool of radiation everyday and dont even realize that we are creating chronic inflammation that has no relief.

We complain about fatigue, aches and pains, digestion issues, weight gain, hormone issues, lack of motivation and every little thing that builds up to an eventual chronic disease, like cancer, heart disease, alzhemiers, and diabetes 2.But what we dont know is that we can do some simple steps to help alleviate the pains - we just have to focus.

1.  NEVER plug in your phone near your bed while you are sleeping.

2.  Turn your phone to airplane mode when you are not using it.

3.  Be barefoot on the earth at least 20 minutes a day if not more.

4.  Bathe in epsom salt and baking soda to clean radiation from your body once a day for 20 min

5.  Eat an alkaline diet to reduce inflammation

6.  Sleep on Grounding sheets.This is NOT my business and I don’t gain anything from this but the sheer pleasure of knowing that you are caring for yourself.

Grounding sheets are a simple way to ground while you sleep, they plug into your grounded plug and provide micro currents into your bed while you sleep.They are super easy to set up and trust me when I say, you will have the best nights sleep ever.

Earthing brand is great and they have some fantastic reading material for you to learn more, but don’t hesitate, get a grounding sheet now and begin to reduce your inflammation. This can only lead to a better life!

In Health and Love 


Diana Stobo