A glass or two can make you live longer

Are you feeling super healthy these days, drinking green juices, and kombucha, and choosing more plant based foods with the intent to feel better, look amazing and maybe live a few extra healthy years? And yet still you don’t want to give up your nightly cocktail or glass of wine. Well I have great news for you! Studies have shown that moderate alcohol drinkers live longer than non-drinkers. In fact in the Blue Zone regions of the world where there is a larger percentage of centennials, they have all admitted to more than tea toddling.

And yet still there are some drinks that may be a little healthier than others.

First of all, drinking wine can never be bad. It’s an ancient tradition and it would be a travesty to stop now because you’re worried about the negative affects. A glass or two a night or a few times a week is a good thing. But don’t be silly and think you can save up for a Friday night and drink two bottles. That simply won’t do .

Try a dry brut sparkling wine, champagne or Prosecco to lower your sugar intake, most have only 1 gram of sugar per glass

What about alcohol itself? I like spirits, they are literally named for the sense of connection to spirit upon drinking as you open to be more vulnerable and creative, as fear and inhibition are removed. Tequila is a great choice, with over 20 medicinal properties, tequila is also a barrel aged alcohol and not distilled (like vodka). It has wonderful healing affects on your gut flora and is very low in sugar. Best way to drink it.... straight up!

Distilled spirits are very popular for their low sugar. Vodka and gin for example are very popular for the skinny minded. My only issue with these spirits, is they have no redeeming health values. So mixing them with something juicy and high in nutrients would be your best bet.

Try a Homemade Bloody Mary or a screwdriver with Fresh squeezed orange juice, even a fizzy kombucha cocktail if you want to be creative.

How much is too much?

I would like to say I know the answer, but I believe we all metabolize at different rates. 1-3 might keep you in the moderate zone for healthy living. But to be on the safe side, test yourself. If you have any sense of a hangover, then you had too much. If you feel sluggish or slow the next day, it means your body cannot metabolize the alcohol. My advice when you’ve gone over the edge of your limit, take a break. Give your liver a rest, go back to green juice for a week and enjoy next weekend.

Happy spirits everyone

Diana Stobo