10 Ways To Stop Overeating


1. Stay away from Fad diets that promise quick weight loss.
While it is possible to lose up to 10 pounds in one week it often isn’t healthy, or is only a lose of water weight and not a true indication of your real weight.
Also, once the fad diet ends, your body is depleted of real nutrients. This signals your brain to eat whatever it can to try and receive those nutrients. We often end up binge eating foods that aren’t nutritionally satisfying because we are listening to how our body feels not realizing what it needs.

2. Keep in mind portion sizes.
It is helpful to use your fist as a guide to portions.
Use your palm for the amount of meat you should eat
A handful is the amount of snack food aka nuts and berries you should eat
The tip of your thumb is one teaspoon. Use this to measure high fat foods such as Mayonnaise and Peanut Butter
Invision a tennis ball for the amount of fruits and veggies on your plate
Your entire thumb should be the size of the cheese or low fat dairy on your plate

3. Chew your food more before you swallow
When you chew your food more, you are eating at a slower pace allowing your brain to catch up to how full your stomach actually is. This will prevent you from eating until you are too full

4. Stop eating when you feel full.
It is helpful to serve a small portion, then wait until you reach for seconds to see if you are actually full. It takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to signal the brain is full so if you wait and take your time you will realize you are more full than you thought.

5. Eat more fiber
Fiber makes you feel full faster and for longer periods. Because fiber takes the body longer to process you will feel full for a longer time.

6. Refrain from nibbling at the food while you are cooking.
People do this mindlessly and next thing you know you’ve eaten quite a large portion of food without realizing because you have only been nibbling on little pieces. This adds up, so be aware of what you are snacking on.

7. Control portions at Restaurants
Portions at restaurants can be pretty large, especially when you have been nibbling on appetizers. Ask the server to place half your meal in a to-go container before bringing the food out so that you are not tempted to eat the entire portion size in one sitting.

8. Take the time to appreciate your food.
Sometimes we become so hungry we eat our food so fast we aren’t even paying attention to the taste of it. Force yourself to eat slowly and enjoy your food. You will not only be more satisfied with your meal but you will automatically eat less by eating slower.

9. Try to avoid drinking alcohol and eating at the same time.
A glass of wine at dinner is preferred for most people but alcohol inhibits our brain from telling us we are full or stopping us from eating things we should not be eating. We have less control when drinking and won’t stop ourselves from the second serving or the desert when drinking.

10. Recognize what it is that is making you overeat.
Do you overeat cause you’re bored?
Do you eat your emotions?
Do you reward yourself with food?
Pay attention to what is causing you to overeat and try to control the impulse to do so in the future. Once you recognize the problem it becomes easier to control.



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